I no longer need the complex, shiny things.
Rather, I jettison the clumsy details and shallow idolatry;
Greedily gathered and hoarded while in fear.
Simple life is what I need – all I need,

But living simply need not mean a colorless, flavorless existence.
On the contrary – being saturated in God’s love,
And armed with the absolute beauty and strength of who I am in Christ,
I am now more alive than ever before!

A small swirling stream will do nicely now.
Mountains; real or dreamed, or once seen,
Majestic peaks stacked and tiered,
With fading hues of blues and green.

Simple is not plain, rather it is pure:
Filled with beauty, love, and purpose.
Just as my life, now simplified,
Is richly textured with the purity of God’s creation,
And filled with awesome purpose.

If only then I knew,
That all I had to do during times of darkness,
Was to step out of the shadow of my own flesh,
And into the light of grace and ever-warming love of our sovereign Father.

Thank you God!

Mike Griffith