About Mike

Mike was born in Evanston, Illinois in January, 1967, a day or two after Chicago’s worst snowstorm in recorded history. After maturing greatly during his days in the Windy City, Mike moved to New Mexico at age 11 months. Mike had some fun during his time in the Land of Enchantment but focused most of his free time contemplating his upcoming educational options. After some serious jostling around between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Mike chose St. Cloud, Minnesota to begin preschool. From there, and only after a sufficient amount of adventure had occurred, Mike moved south again into Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Mike waltzed through several grades at Alberta Elementary school then picked up and moved north to Flushing, Michigan.  Many other short (but painfully difficult) moves would occur later but the major latitudinal zigzagging expedition was over. After crisscrossing the nation for 11 years, Michigan would be home from here on out. Mike would serve several tours, err… I mean years in the Flushing school system, ultimately entering into his most dangerous adventure just after starting the eighth grade.
On one fall day in 1980 or ’81 (without complex complications, a foggy mind can’t be sure), Mike was extracted from his 8th grade class by an adult and an immediate move to Northport, Michigan took place. This time, moving north meant going only 206.34 miles, approximately. From the precise moment that Mike was pried from his Flushing junior high classroom chair much drama, bizarreness, and agony supervened. For several years thereafter the theater continued. After all of that business, Mike graduated from internationally acclaimed Interlochen Arts Academy in the spring of 1985. It was decisioned by others, as was the protocol, that I… oops, that Mike would be attending Michigan Technological University the coming fall. Attend he did, at least officially. He wasn’t really present, however, and left school 3 years and a semester later, sans degree and with a looming storm on the horizon. Sometime in 1988, or thereabouts, Mike moved from Houghton to Wyoming, Michigan. Wyoming is a blurb of a suburb of Grand Rapids. Mike’s best friend had been renting a house there while attending technical school and invited Mike to move in. Much later the small house would earn the moniker “Palace of Wyoming”, but that is a less meaningful and more colorful story best suited for a darker blog page.

There is more to come. I know it’s tough but hang in there!

3rd update/revision/addition 04-09-09 ~ MMG