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I no longer need the complex, shiny things.
Rather, I jettison the clumsy details and shallow idolatry;
Greedily gathered and hoarded while in fear.
Simple life is what I need – all I need,

But living simply need not mean a colorless, flavorless existence.
On the contrary – being saturated in God’s love,
And armed with the absolute beauty and strength of who I am in Christ,
I am now more alive than ever before!

A small swirling stream will do nicely now.
Mountains; real or dreamed, or once seen,
Majestic peaks stacked and tiered,
With fading hues of blues and green.

Simple is not plain, rather it is pure:
Filled with beauty, love, and purpose.
Just as my life, now simplified,
Is richly textured with the purity of God’s creation,
And filled with awesome purpose.

If only then I knew,
That all I had to do during times of darkness,
Was to step out of the shadow of my own flesh,
And into the light of grace and ever-warming love of our sovereign Father.

Thank you God!

Mike Griffith


Light Surrounds Me as Darkness is Smothered Once Again

I. . . c a n n o t — t h i n k — w e l l, — o r — c l e a r l y. . .
Fuzzy, foggy, heavy,
Cloudy, muddy, shackled.

Fight it hard – battle back,
Lift up high – on attack,
But not with fists or kicks,
Not with anger, sarcasm, or spite,
Not with false courage, revenge, or hate.

Instead, choose quiet surrender,
Armed with the word of God,
Open all the rooms of your heart,
So He may strengthen within and work throughout,

Then go to battle not alone,
But be hand in hand with your brothers in Christ.
By reaching out to Him,
You are reaching out to love,
And reaching victory!

Thank you God!
Mike Griffith

Symmetry & Flow

Orderly flowing slopes and soft depths.
Receding planes in odd perspective colored by contrasts of light.
Escher-esque designs and pseudo-static loads of b.s.
Integrals and derivatives give way
to imagery via words and neat doodles,
and the air is afloat with melancholic notes from speakers.
Strategic chess that’s only 4 moves deep
still beats ninety percent of those claiming to know the game.
Finally, with His word in my hand and Him in my heart
I understand that “Emotional Being” doesn’t have to mean “being emotional”.