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Tag: Being Thankful

Inevitable Togetherness

Rain, I quiver as you gather,
and when we’re together,
I thank God for connecting us.
Rain, inundate as you may –
I am inspired by your power,
by your solidarity.
You arrive separated, seemingly, from each other,
but even as you fall over square mile vastness,
you still find one another through effortless attraction.

You simply follow God’s paths – to reunite in fellowship.
It is  impossible for you to isolate from one another –
For even when you fall far away from each other, 
God’s great plan rekindles your togetherness in short order.
Regrouping, congregating, pooling, flowing, seeping,
and then cycling back to His atmospheres – to become close once again.
The inevitable togetherness, just as God intended, is beautiful.
Lord – I am so very blessed by your teaching.
Mike G


Listening to Eva Cassidy

Recently I discovered the late singer Eva Cassidy. She has the most amazing voice. I’ve read that she only gained popularity and relative fame after her death. Once again, Pandora radio has given a gift to me.

Kate’s Teacher Conference

Wow. Beth & I are so blessed by our children. Tonight, with Kate in the lead, we attended Kate’s teacher conferences. We knew she was excelling, and that she is bordering on being under-challenged, but to see the glow in which her teachers spoke of her was beyond special. Kate’s face glowed too, which isn’t surprising, seeing as praise upon praise was being heaped onto her. How often does a second grader (or her parents) hear that she is so gifted that her career opportunities are blossoming even now. Top reader in her class, top writer in her class, top math student in her class, the model student in her class… and so on and so on. Very remarkable. Thank you Lord.