Au revoir Krum kitty

Krum Kitty – January 1st, 1999 to November 23rd, 2009. We had to put our little Krum to sleep today. We’ll miss you buddy! Sadly, Kate & Jack have had to say good bye to 3 cats and their dog in the last 2 1/2 years (and some goldfish). It is an important part of life, I realize, but it has been very difficult on all of us.
the following is from a photo caption of Krum:
“Krum yawns, completely unaffected by his colorful journey. The sole survivor of a long-since-born frigid New Years’ day litter, let me tell you sometime about Krum’s fall to gamma-cat status, sad banishment, bloody attack on the un-cat man, terrific rescue by the un-dog man, re-abandonment, triumphant return, temporary ascension to alpha-cat royalty, and finally… giving up the seat once more.”

Good Bye our friend - See accompanying post