Ickus “Icky-Puppy” ~ our precious Border Collie (Nov. 2008)

Jack & Icky



Good friends on a fall day


There is heartbreaking news from the family today. We’ve learned that it is time to say good bye to Ickus, our great friend and the best Border collie in the world. Ickus, a.k.a. “Icky” & “Icky Puppy”, has lived well beyond expectations. Before his first birthday, he received the diagnosis of having severe hip dysplasia in both back legs. All indications pointed to a well shortened life. We’ve been truly blessed because at 10 years of age, his best years have really been the most recent ones. He has provided endless love, companionship, and memories that will be everlasting. Today is Wednesday, November 4th and, as currently planned, we’ll take him to his Veterinarian on Friday, November 7th to “let him go”. Although we realized the time was drawing near we’re caught off guard but the suddenness of his decline and are feeling tremendous grief. This extremely difficult decision was reached after taking Icky to his vet yesterday. The doctor indicated that Icky is experiencing end-phase severe hip dysplasia. In just the last week alone his pain has increased greatly and his mobility has decreased significantly. Icky is widely loved in our small neighborhood. Passers by admire Icky’s herding, hiding, lawn mower chasing, soccer ball dribbling, and ball stalking on a daily basis. Icky is, even to this very moment, most happy being outside with a rubber duck in his mouth, a soccer ball under paw, and with family and friends nearby. Amazingly, Jack and I just now dusted ourselves off after playing outside in the leaves with Icky Puppy by our side every step of the way.


Well friends, Today, Wednesday, November 5th, will be Icky’s last earthly day. It was obvious last night that prolonging this would be only for us. We’ll see him off this afternoon. It is another incredibly beautiful day today to celebrate his life. He, as usual, has spent time outside playing today, looking beautiful as he always has. Kate said good bye to him this morning before school and Jack has lovingly been playing with him today. After dropping Kate at school Jack and I stopped and got Icky some yummy treats and a squeaky toy. Icky LOVES to unwrap presents (really!). Blessings ~ Mike


Our buddy is gone but not forgotten. With tears, love, and everlasting memories, we’ve said good bye to our “Icky Puppy”. He passed away November 5th, 2008 with Beth and me at his side. What a truly beautiful and spectacular dog – to the very end.

Please enjoy these pictures of him.  Please leave a comment about Icky and / or any other pet if you wish. Blessings ~ Mike, Beth, Kate & Jack